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Oasis Diffuser

Oasis Diffuser

The Oasis Diffuser™ is the world's first essential oil aromatherapy shower diffuser that mounts right on your shower wall! 


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Works nice

Really enjoy our diffuser, just thought it would give a little more scent than it does. But overall, we would buy again. Thanks

Diffusing the morning right

I am LOVING this shower diffuser! It is the perfect addition to my morning shower. I have doterra peppermint on one side and wild orange on the other! This was the best investment to truly make my shower my oasis.

Shower diffuser

Love it, have had to replace wick holders a number of times !

Great shower diffuser

So easy to install! And the oils last forever!

Nice diffuser option!

I think this makes for a nice shower diffuser, though I wish the scent were slightly stronger. If you use lots of other oil-infused products in your shower, the oils in your diffuser may end up overpowered.

I LOVE the 8 minute automatic shut off—it has made showers a breeze for my children who often think they need 25 minute showers to get clean! Now they happily end their shower when the diffuser goes off!