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Shower Diffuser is the best diffuser you'll ever have. It is the worlds first waterproof wall mounting essential oil diffuser. Now you can diffuse essential oils directly in your shower and enjoy all of the benefits of aromatherapy. Say goodbye to messy bath bombs and stop wasting essential oils by dripping them directly onto your shower floor. Your Essential oils will go further and smell better with the Oasis Shower Diffuser.

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Perfect Gift

I purchased the Shower Oasis for my sister as a gift. She is loving it. It's the perfect gift for any essential oil lover! Also, the customer service of this company is awesome.

Still trying it out

Yes I love this shower diffuset

Still trying it out

We got our first diffuser. 1 day later it fell off of the shower and broke into pieces. I recieved a quick response back to my email when I explained the story and immediately was told no problem they’d send a new one. I got the new one about 3 or so weeks later. I’ve only used it once so far but seems to be pretty good. Hoping the airflow gets because the first time I used it was difficult to smell the oils (and I use doterra oils which is a quality brand), and I have the vents all the way open.

Shower diffuser - activate warranty

Love this diffuser!!!

just in time

received just as a cold was coming on - eucalyptus was wonderful