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Your life is busy, you deserve an Oasis. We're here to help.

At Oasis Diffusers™ we believe shower time is sacred time. Shower time is a special time reserved only for you. A time when you can wash away the stresses of your daily life & reconnect with your inner self.


Now, with the Oasis Shower Diffuser you can transform your shower into your own personal spa! You are now able to combine the relaxing & invigorating benefits of showering with the healing remedies of your favorite essential oils in your own Aroma Shower.    

Breathe healthy. Live happy. Create your own personal Oasis. 




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I love this diffuser!

Seriously, I love the concept of this diffuser so much. I have two oils that help support immunity and respiratory system and it’s nice to be able to decide between the two in a nice steamy shower.

Shower diffuser

I purchased this shower diffuser as a replacement for a previous one I purchased. It kept on falling off even though I cleaned the shower walls before adhering the diffuser. The last time it fell off, it broke. Wasn’t sure if I had a warranty on that one, I live the order of a shower diffuser and hoping this one will stay on the wall.

Happy to hear you got that replacement. Thanks for your review, Cheryl.
Oasis Shower diffuser

Really love it 🥰

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