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Your life is busy, you deserve an Oasis. We're here to help.

At Oasis Diffusers™ we believe shower time is sacred time. Shower time is a special time reserved only for you. A time when you can wash away the stresses of your daily life & reconnect with your inner self.


Now, with the Oasis Shower Diffuser you can transform your shower into your own personal spa! You are now able to combine the relaxing & invigorating benefits of showering with the healing remedies of your favorite essential oils in your own Aroma Shower.    

Breathe healthy. Live happy. Create your own personal Oasis. 




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2066 reviews

It's not as awesome as I expected. I dont feel like much comes out! And I'm having a terrible time keeping it to stay up.

Great Diffuser

We have loved our shower diffuser! It has been a great addition. The only problem is we haven't been able to get it to stay stuck to the wall so we had to put it on a shelf.

Love it!!

Love this!! My shower smells like a spa🌺

Home spa

Turn your bathroom into a spa with the essential oil shower diffuser. I love the peacefully inviting scent. And you don't have to wait for a shower. You can push the button to release the aroma any time you walk into the room.

Love my shower diffuser

So glad to have the shower diffuser!