Shower Diffuser® Waterproof Aromatizer®

3082 Reviews

transform your shower into a spa in seconds!

Bring aromatherapy benefits through your essential oils into the shower to create your own home spa experience

  • Holds 2 bottles at once to mix and match sent.

  • Fits 5ml, 10ml & 15ml bottles from all major brands.

  • Includes Wall Tock that sticks to almost any wall for the perfect height.

  • Includes Smart shut off automatically after 8 minutes to maximize efficiency.

  • Lifetime Warranty Included.

Fully Leverage Your Essential Oils

Steam rooms with essential oils offer a range of potential benefits, combining the soothing effects of steam with the therapeutic properties of essential oils. 

Improved Skin

Steam can improve blood circulation, open pores, and help remove impurities from the skin. Certain essential oils have skin-nourishing properties, potentially benefiting those with skin conditions.

Improved Sleep

Using essential oils known for their sleep-inducing properties in a steam room before bedtime may help promote a better night's sleep.

Respiratory Health

Inhaling steam can help open up the airways and alleviate respiratory issues such as congestion and sinusitis. When you incorporate some essential oils it can provide further relief from respiratory discomfort.

Lifetime Warranty!

We stand behind our products. That’s why we include a lifetime warranty!

Shower Diffuser®
Waterproof Aromatizer®

$ 49.95
$ 69.95

 Transform Your Shower into a Spa!® 

With your Shower Diffuser® you can diffuse essential oils in the shower! It mounts to almost any wall in seconds & works with oil bottles from all major essential oil brands!

Shower time is sacred time; a time to leave behind the worries of the day, reconnect with your inner self & be transported to your own personal Oasis®. Your Shower Diffuser® is here to help.

  • Accepts bottles from all major brands.
  • Fits 5ml, 10ml & 15ml bottles.
  • Holds 2 bottles at once. Diffuse one bottle or both simultaneously.
  • Includes Wall Dock™ that sticks to almost any wall & removes cleanly.
  • Runs on 3 AA Batteries. Powers off automatically after 8 minutes.
Lifetime Warranty Included!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3084 reviews
No customer service

I ordered the diffuser on Dec 6th. I've sent emails to support with no reply. The item hasn't shipped yet. Still waiting for any response..... From anyone.

Dorothy Gregg
Order or no email received

I have reached out to customer service with no avail, my credit card has been charged, ordered November 27th and I still have received no email of being shipped. Horrible customer service.

Johnny Stewart
Good product but terrible customer service

I got the product about 2 and a half months after I ordered it because it was on back-order. Once arrived, very easy to install and works well, but attempted to register for the warranty but the link they provided is invalid. Reached out to customer support about it, and still have not received any answer. But their automated email service works because I got this request to review their product. Hopefully a less than 5 star review will trigger something in their system so somebody will actually respond to a customer inquiry…

Kendra Robison
Never arrived

I ordered my product in May. It is now July and I still haven't received my product or any response from customer service. I have emailed them and contacted them through messenger. How long did it take others to receive their product? Or should I assume I never will?

Karen Gregory
These are wonderful

I love these. Have one in each shower. Turns a simple shower into a spa experience.